India also on the red list, travel sanctions begin on Friday

Web Desk. The UK imposed travel bans on India following a dramatic increase in coronavirus cases. According to the French news agency AFP, the UK has added India to the ‘red list’ of travel bans.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said India was being included in the red list. All British and Irish nationals will be barred from entering the UK except the countries listed.

After arriving from these countries, British and Irish citizens will be quarantined for 10 days in government-approved hotels at their own expense. According to the health minister, the ban will take effect from Friday.

The number of coronavirus cases in India has risen alarmingly and hospitals across the country are overflowing with patients.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had canceled his visit to India for this reason. Boris Johnson was scheduled to leave for India next week.

According to the British news agency Reuters, a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office said, “This visit has been canceled in view of the increasing cases of coronavirus in India.”

The statement stated, Boris Johnson would not be able to visit India next week. “Instead, the two prime ministers, Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi will discuss future cooperation between India and the UK this month.”

It should be noted that this would be the first major foreign visit of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson since he came to power in 2019.

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