India: Thief leaves a bag full of vaccine, ‘I didn’t know it contained Corona medicine’

Web Desk. Just hours after a bag full of corona vaccine was stolen from a hospital in the Indian state of Haryana, the thief left the bag with a message.

According to Indian NDTV, a bag full of corona vaccine was stolen from the store of Jund General Hospital in Haryana on Thursday. The bag contained 1,700 doses of the vaccine. After searching for the stolen bag, the thief changed his mind and left the bag in the same condition till noon.

Along with the bag, the thief also left a message in Hindi in which he apologized and said, “They did not know that it contained the medicine to cure Corona.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t know it contained Corona’s medicine.”

The thief left the bag at a tea shop outside the Civil Lines police station. Leaving the bag, the thief told the shopkeeper that he had brought food for the policemen and was now going to do his other work.

A case has been registered against the thief and police are trying to trace him. Police believe the thief may have stolen the vaccine, believing it to be an antiviral Remdesivir drug.

In India, citizens above the age of 18 as will be vaccinated from May 1, while the registration process will start on April 28. After a record jumps in corona cases in India, space in cemeteries and crematoriums in the capital Delhi is dwindling, leading to mass burials and cremation.

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