Innumerable medical benefits of turmeric, including relief from the knee pain

Turmeric has many health benefits that we use only in food for flavor. Now, scientists have reported amazing benefits for people suffering from knee and joint pain. According to a report by Mail Online, researchers from the University of Tasmania in Australia have stated in their recent research that turmeric works as a medicine for patients with arthritis and pain.

It is a painkiller for immediate relief of pain in people with pain and its long-term use leads to a significant reduction in pain. In the study, scientists divided dozens of people with arthritis and pain into three groups. One of the three groups was given turmeric, the other was given turmeric juice, and the third group was given an ineffective pill for scientific research.

After 12 weeks, the results showed that people who had been given turmeric juice were relieved of joint pain. The other group, which was given turmeric powder, had less pain. The third group, which was given only ineffective medicine, had no difference in their pain.

It should be noted that in recent years, turmeric has also been tried as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, lung diseases, heart disease, and depression and its results have been very encouraging.

There is hardly a house in the Indian subcontinent where turmeric is not used. Modern research also acknowledges the use of turmeric. Dr. Monroe Asantos, director of executive medicine at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York, recommends that turmeric be used more frequently by patients who complain of pain and inflammation in their joints.

Dr. Minerva herself also uses turmeric to reduce joint pain after exercise or sports. Turmeric has beautiful colors, interesting tastes, and innumerable qualities for human health. There is a saying for centuries that in a city where olives, turmeric, cloves, and linseed are available, there are no doctors needed.

According to many medical research reports, apart from pain, turmeric is useful for inflammation, improving the digestive system, cleansing the kidneys, strengthening memory, boosting the immune system, preventing hair loss, as well as burn body fat. 

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