It is very easy to avoid the silent killer disease Blood Pressure and Diabetes in middle age: Study

Regular physical activity and exercise during adolescence can significantly reduce the risk of developing a silent killer disease such as high blood pressure in middle age. If you don’t know, that high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart attack, while also leading to mental decline.

The study, from the University of California UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, found that exercising moderately for five hours each week could protect against high blood pressure in middle age. The study, published in the Medical Journal American Journal of Preventive Medicine, looked at 5,000 people aged 18 to 3 for 30 years.

Details of exercise habits, medical history, smoking, and alcohol use were obtained from these individuals, while their blood pressure and physical well-being were also monitored.

The researchers looked at data from 17.9 percent of volunteers who exercised for at least five hours a week at the onset of puberty and found that Among them, the risk of developing high blood pressure was reduced by 18% compared to others.

In fact, the rate was higher than in middle-aged people. The researchers said that about 50% of the volunteers involved in the study did not have significant physical activity rates during adolescence, which could predict their risk of high blood pressure.

The researchers said that it is necessary to increase the duration of physical activity to 5 hours, especially while studying in college. Earlier, in March 2020, a medical study found that taking a short walk a day could reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

The study, which looked at middle-aged people for an average of nine years, found that people who walked more had a 43% lower risk of diabetes and a 31% lower risk of high blood pressure.

The study looked at data from about 2,000 women and asked them to report a set of 1,000 steps each day, and accelerometer devices were provided to monitor physical activity.

Researchers have found that the more you get into the habit of walking in middle age, the lower your risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. The researchers said that walking not only reduces the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure in women but also reduces the risk of obesity by 61%.

However, research has not found a link between walking in men and a reduction in the risk of obesity. The researchers said that the findings add to the evidence that normal physical activity is important for heart health and protects against diseases in middle age.

Researchers added, “walking is free physical activity, and counting your steps daily is an easy way to protect yourself from various diseases”.

According to him, people who are afraid of exercising daily or the idea of ​​extending its duration, if they focus on walking throughout the day, they can make themselves more physically active.

Childhood habits that ensure good health during adolescence

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