KitKat Cold Coffee Recipe/KitKat Cold Coffee Milkshake


This might be the world’s sweetest cup of coffee. Cold-ferment coffee makes this milkshake delightfully rich and blending in crunchy KitKat. You can cook KitKat coffee smoothie using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you make it.



⦿ Coffee powder, 2 tsp
⦿ Cocoa powder, 1 tsp
⦿ Sugar, 2 tbsp
⦿ Water, 3 tbsp
⦿ Chilled milk, 1 cup
⦿ Ice cubes, 3/4
⦿ KitKat, 3 sticks



*For Garnish, As Required*

⦿ Chocolate Syrup
⦿ Whipped Cream
⦿ KitKat 1 Stick
⦿ Sprinkle Chocolate Cracks



➊ In a cup add coffee & cocoa powder, sugar, water and mix well.
➋ In a blender, add ice cubes, chilled milk, KitKat stick, and coffee mixture.
➌ Blend it until smooth.
➍ Decorate the glass with chocolate syrup and pour KitKat coffee into the glass.
➎ Top it with whipped cream and KitKat stick.
➏ Serve it Cold.


🅐Add all ingredients according to the Milk.
🅑 When and how to add all these ingredients, please watch the full video for it.



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