Learn the benefits of including protein-rich pulses in your daily diet

Pulses are considered a protein powerhouse. Because pulses are full of essential vitamins and minerals. When we talk about health, Protein is one of the most important nutrients. From building strong bones to losing weight, medical experts always recommend that you include protein in your daily diet.

Choosing the right type of protein is always a struggle. Protein is one of the basic macronutrients that we often miss. Protein is essential for the building, maintenance, and repair of tissues in our body. It is also essential for the absorption of iron and calcium.

Pulses are being a great source of protein, pulses have many other benefits. You can make a variety of pulses a part of your daily diet. For example, Chickpeas, Black gram, Urad dal, Toor dal, Moong dal, Red lentils, Yellow lentils, Kidney beans, etc.  

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