Makhandi Halwa Recipe – Makhandi Halwa Authentic Recipe


Makhandi Halwa is a famous recipe in the Northwest of Pakistan, especially in Punjab Pakistan northern districts Attock and Chakwal. It is different from the usual Sooji/Semolina Halwa Recipes. Makhandi Halwa recipe is time taking but the end result is super tasty. It also consists of dry fruits which makes it enriches and energetic to have them for your tea break or breakfast and you can eat them as a snack especially in winter.





⦿ Semolina – 2 cups
⦿ Milk – 3 kg
⦿ Desi ghee – 1 cup
⦿ Sugar – 2 cups
⦿ Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
⦿ Raisins – 1/4 cup
⦿ Dry fruits as required of your choice



⦾ In a pan add 3kg of milk.
⦾ Add semolina in milk and mix with milk.
⦾ Now add in sugar and mix.
⦾ Keep stirring it to prevent it from burning.
⦾ Add in desi ghee and mix well.
⦾ Add cardamom powder.
⦾ Keep stirring it until the semolina leaves the ghee.
⦾ Cook, till golden on low flame.
⦾ Garnish it with dry fruits and mix well.
⦾ Serve it warm and enjoy.


🅐 Add all ingredients according to the weight of the Soji/Semolina.
🅑 When and how to add all these ingredients, please watch the full video for it.



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