Man who lived alone on a deserted Island for 32 consecutive years eventually had to leave the Island

Web Desk. A man who lived alone on a deserted island in Italy for 32 consecutive years eventually had to leave the island because it had been bought by a private company.

According to Daily Mail, the 81-year-old Mauro Morandi was passing near the island in his boat in 1989 when his boat capsized and he went to the island called the pink-sanded island of Budelli. Mauro arrived on the island by accident but then decided to stay permanently.

According to Mauro, the island is famous for its pink beaches. Like Robinson Crusoe, Mauro Morandi was described as a mysterious character after living alone on the island for 32 years.

After being forced to leave the island, Mauro wrote on his Facebook page: “I hope that the new administration of the island will protect it in the same way that I took care of it environmentally.”

Talking about his decision to stay on the island, he said, “I was fed up with many things in society. Materialism in Italy, the political crisis, and many other things bothered me. “At first I wanted to move to a desert in Polynesia, but then I found the island and started living on it.”

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