Measures to Increase The Immunity System

Measures such as staying indoors during the Coronavirus epidemic, wearing face masks when going out and keeping people as far away as possible, and getting the Corona vaccine at the earliest opportunity are essential.

But there are other things that can help keep us safe from this deadly epidemic. These measures are related to our diet and exercise, etc., which are essential for our immunity.

The experts say in these days of epidemics, we should make green tea, sour fruits, dried fruits, yogurt, garlic, etc. an integral part of our daily diet. Because they contain antioxidants and other ingredients that boost our immune system.

In addition, the use of immune-boosting supplements can be very beneficial. Don’t let your body become dehydrated during these days of epidemics and keep yourself hydrated with ‘fortified’ water.

Get regular exercise at home to keep your body active and your immune system healthy. In this situation, smoking and drinking alcohol can be more harmful to health than usual, so people should get rid of these two bad habits.

In addition, we should focus on improving the quality of our sleep. keep calm and get enough sleep, as these are both essential for the immune system.

Consume a small amount of this food daily to prevent heart disease

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