Microsoft’s best Video Conferencing service now available to the public for free

Web Desk. Compared to video conferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet, Microsoft Teams has been introduced to the general public. Earlier, Microsoft Teams was introduced to businesses, but now it has been introduced to the general public to compete with Zoom and Google Meet.

This free software is similar to the business version of Microsoft Teams, which includes Office 365 subscriptions and video calls, group chats, and tools.

“Microsoft Teams offers one-on-one free video calls 24 hours a day.”

The company offers 24-hour group video calls that can accommodate up to 300 people. However, gradually the duration and number of free group calls will be limited to 100 people per hour.

“But the company has not yet said when.”

Users will also be able to use the Together mode in Microsoft Teams, in which people will be able to share backgrounds during video calls.

It is believed that the use of video chat and conferencing services increased significantly during the Coronavirus epidemic and even after the situation has returned to normal, people are still relying on these services to communicate with family and friends. ۔

According to Microsoft, online calls make people feel that they are in the same place as their loved ones. Microsoft’s free software is available on desktop apps and web browsers, while Android and iOS apps have also been released.

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