More than 200,000 COVID-19 reported in India in a single day

Web Desk. A record 200,000 new coronavirus cases were reported in India on Wednesday and a lockdown was imposed in the country’s financial hub of Mumbai. Because of the severe shortage of beds and oxygen supply in many hospitals in the city treating patients with COVID-19.

According to Reuters, this was the seventh daily increase in the last eight days. The second wave of the COVID-19 is spreading rapidly in India, with the country’s economically important state of Maharashtra at its center.

The western Indian state of Maharashtra accounts for about a quarter of all cases in the country. According to data released by the Ministry of Health on Thursday, India reported 200739 COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours.

In addition, 1,038 deaths were reported in the country on Wednesday, bringing the total number of deaths to 173,123. The number of cases in the country has reached 14.1 million, second after the United States with a total of 31.4 million cases.

Lockdown in Dhaka
According to the AFP report, thousands of police patrolled on empty streets in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Wednesday, as the government imposed a nationwide lockdown to combat a new wave of coronavirus.

Dhaka, the most populous city in Asia, looked like a ghost town, where officers set up checkpoints in a city of 20 million people to prevent anyone from passing without a specific pass.

Wednesday was the first day of the Bengali New Year, a day when millions of people usually attend traditional gatherings in major cities. However, due to the threat of coronavirus, these events were canceled for the second year in a row.

Last month, a new wave of coronavirus broke out in Bangladesh, with daily infections increasing sevenfold and deaths threefold. About 700,000 cases have been recorded in the South Asian country, of which about 10,000 have died.


Germany has the highest number of cases since January. According to the news agency Reuters, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Germany has increased to 29,426, after which the total number of cases in the country has reached 3,073,000.

This is the largest increase since January 8, as the government considers a nationwide lockdown on the third wave of the virus. According to reports, the number of deaths yesterday was 293, after which the total number of deaths due to the virus so far has reached 79,381.


About 9,000 new cases, 398 deaths reported in Russia. Russia has reported 8,944 cases of COVID-19, including 2,455 cases from Moscow alone. The total number of cases at the government level in the country has reached 46,75,153.

The official Coronavirus Task Force said 398 people had died in the country in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 14,398.

Give him a hospital bed or Kill him with the injection: India

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