Myanmar actors arrested in anti military protests

Web Desk. Security forces in Myanmar have extended the scope of arresting showbiz activists and prominent political and social figures in anti-military protests also arrested a popular Actor and model Paing Takhon.

Keep in mind In Myanmar, the military overthrew the people’s government in February this year and arrested key government officials, including Aung San Suu Kyi.

In the past two months, the military government has arrested about 3,000 civilians, including political, social, showbiz, celebrities ordinary citizens. Around 600 people have been killed in protests against the military occupation.

On April 8, there were violent protests against the military rule in various cities of Myanmar, which the security forces used force to stop.

According to ‘Reuters’, on April 8, the Myanmar army arrested Paing Takhon, a 24-year-old actor, model, singer, and social media star who is well-known in other countries in the region, including Myanmar and Thailand.

Paing Takhon’s sister confirmed that her brother had been arrested on April 8 for taking part in the ongoing protests against the military occupation.

Paing Takhon has more than 1 million followers on social media and was one of the most active on social media against the military coup in Myanmar.

Takhon has not only been active in anti-military demonstrations online but has also taken part in several demonstrations over the past two months.

Paing Takhon not only took part in the protests himself but also prepared at least 100 showbiz figures to take part in the anti-military movement.

In Myanmar, where ordinary people and political activists have been active in protests against the military government, showbiz figures have also been seen calling for the restoration of democracy.

During the recent Miss Grand International 2020 Pageant in Thailand, Miss Grand Myanmar Han Lay also drew the World’s attention to her country by talking about the military occupation.



Although Han Lay did not win the beauty contest, she gained fame on the platform for talking about overthrowing his country and the people’s government there.

According to ABC Net, in his speech Han Lay called on the world to help Myanmar, saying that the blood of humanity is being shed in his country today, and the world should help the people of Myanmar.

Han Lay has also been involved in anti-military protests, and she has been instrumental in restoring popular government online.

Following the arrest of actor and model Paing Takhon, it is being speculated that the government will also arrest more active showbiz personalities.

Launches online campaign to fund movement against the military coup in Myanmar


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