New Google Doodle Encourages Tree Planting on World Earth Day

April 22 is World Earth Day, as it is every year around the world. On the occasion of World Earth Day, Google, the largest search engine on the Internet, released a special doodle based on tree planting incentives.

Google’s new doodle shows children reading a book under a densely shaded tree and the surrounding greenery and flowers. In this doodle, all the Google letters on the top of the tree have left, while the third letter ‘O’ is the tree.

The Google Doodle for World Earth Day also includes a YouTube video from a well-known search engine that can be viewed at the click of a button. The video shows a little girl planting a plant and as it grows, the plant takes the shape of a tenacious and shady tree.

After which a child is shown planting a tree and growing with it and then as the series continues, it is shown how the number of trees is increasing with each individual planting.



On the occasion of World Earth Day, Google is trying to convey the message with this doodle that ‘how can everyone plant one plant at a time for a bright future’.

Google said of the doodle, “this planet, which we call our home, nurtures us and affects us”. According to Google, “our environment works hard for us and so it has a right to the insistence that we take care of ourselves in return.”

Google said today’s video doodle shows a number of trees planted in homes, one of many ways we can adapt to keep our land healthy for future generations.

Keep in mind that this is not limited to arboriculture, but also encourages Google to take action for the sake of the planet. On the occasion of World Earth Day, Facebook has announced various activities and will host a live stream on climate change awareness.

In addition, WhatsApp has released sticker packs and wallpapers on the occasion of World Earth Day. This year, World Earth Day is being celebrated under the theme ‘Restoring Our Earth’, which focuses on natural processes, emerging green technologies, and modern thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystem.

According to the Earth Day Organization, the title rejects the notion that mitigation or adaptation is the only way to address climate change.



In this regard, the Earth Day Organization said that it is up to each of us to restore our land not only because we care about this natural world but also because we live on it. He added, “a healthy planet is not an option but a necessity”.

Remember that World Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22 under the auspices of the United Nations. The main motive of celebrating this day globally is to draw the attention of the international community to the issues related to the protection of the planet and environmental pollution.

The first time Earth Day was observed in the world in 1970 and efforts were made to preserve the environment. This day is regularly celebrated in 193 countries around the world to raise awareness against increasing air, land, and water pollution.

On this occasion, awareness programs are organized among the people to clean up the environment and avoid spreading pollution while people highlight the importance of this day by cleaning their areas.

Social welfare organizations go to sea, rivers, or other natural places in the city to clean up and pledge to keep the land clean.

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