New privacy policy, will WhatsApp no ​​longer delete accounts?

Web Desk. WhatsApp, Facebook’s proprietary social app, has once again backtracked on its plan to ‘force’ its users to adopt a new privacy policy.

According to the WhatsApp website that it will not immediately delete the accounts of its users who will not accept the new policy but will continue to ‘remind’ such users.

According to the statement, the update will not delete or deactivate anyone’s account on May 15, but users will continue to receive permanent reminder messages or notifications about the policy.

As per the webpage, “After giving everyone a review time, we will continue to remind users who have not had the opportunity to review and adopt it.”

This reminder message will become permanent after several weeks and then the accounts of the users who do not follow the policy will be activated in a limited time at a time.

“You will not be able to access your chat list, but you will still be able to answer incoming phone calls and video calls. After a few weeks, you will no longer receive incoming calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone.

The social app WhatsApp introduced changes to its service and privacy policy in the new year, saying users would have to delete their accounts if they did not accept the new policy.

“Under the new policy, WhatsApp will not only use user data but also share it with Facebook.”

The February 8 deadline was announced by a mobile phone application used by a large number of people around the world. A large number of competitors moved to the app Telegram after concerns from consumers.

After a strong response from users, WhatsApp gave several explanations, and then the decision to change the privacy was postponed, after which WhatsApp extended the deadline to May 15. The first couple to live in a 3D printed home in Europe

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