One and a half billion iPhone users are the targets of hackers: Experts Warn

Web Desk. The iPhone’s ‘AirDrop’ feature makes it easy to share photos and videos between Apple’s various devices. However, now cybersecurity experts have given bad news about this feature.

According to Mail Online, experts from the University of TechNashe in Germany have said that because of the airdrop feature, iPhones can be easily hacked. Due to this feature, about one and a half billion iPhone users are the target of hackers.

According to experts, in order to hack an iPhone via AirDrop, hackers only need a device connected to Wi-Fi and Physical proximity from the target device.

In this way, hackers can hack not only iPhones but also Apple laptops and other devices and find out the user’s phone number and email.

Experts have also come up with a solution to this problem, which experts call a ‘Private Drop’. They said that until Apple fixes the bug in AirDrop, Apple users should use PrivateDrop. Facebook: announcing the introduction of various ‘Social Audio’ features


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