One in three patients with Covid-19 do not show symptoms, the study found

About one-third of people infected with the Coronavirus do not show symptoms, but in the meantime, they can pass it on to others. This has been revealed in a new medical study in the United States.

In this study by Scripps Research, after analyzing 61 medical research reports involving more than 1.8 million people, it was discovered that at least one in three people infected with Covid-19 do not show any symptoms.

The research, published in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine, analyzed research reports published worldwide by November 2020. PCR testing was standardized in 43 research reports, while antibody testing was used in 18, and new research collected data from all of them. The data showed that one-third of those who tested positive for the virus never had symptoms.

Experts say such data show the importance of testing patients without symptoms. He said that large-scale testing could more effectively prevent the transmission of the virus from asymptomatic patients to healthy individuals. The study said there was a need to change the Covid-19 prevention strategies. And the risk of spreading it to asymptomatic patients should be considered.

Vaccines are being introduced around the world, but their effectiveness in preventing their spread to asymptomatic patients needs to be determined, the researchers said. Earlier, in January 2021, a recent study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that about 60% of cases of Coronavirus are transmitted through people who do not show symptoms.
A model was developed for this, according to which 59% of cases are caused by people without symptoms affected by Corona. of this 59%, 35% of new cases are caused by people who have transmitted the virus to others before symptoms appear. While 24% is caused by people who never show symptoms.
JC Butler, CDC’s deputy director of epidemiology and research, said: “to control the epidemic of Covid-19, it is important to prevent those who spread it quietly. He said tools such as the use of face masks, hand washing, and social distance could slow the spread of the new Coronavirus, at least until vaccines become more widely available.


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