Online fraud with German citizen on the name of world’s richest man, he lost more than half a million dollars

Web Desk. A conman looted half of the millions of dollars from a man, using the name of Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX and the world’s richest man.

According to the Daily Star, Elon Musk continues to encourage people through his Twitter account to invest in the digital currency ”Bitcoin”. Conman took advantage of this and used Elon Musk’s name to seize more than half a million dollars from the 42-year-old man. Cheater used the name of the world’s richest man on Twitter to trick the IT expert into doubling the Bitcoins.

The man, a resident of Cologne, Germany said, he saw a tweet on Twitter, apparently from Elon Musk’s ”Verified” Twitter account. There was a link, when I visited this link, I was told on the website that you should give them 01 to 20 Bitcoins and they will double the amount back to you.

The website was apparently run by a team from Elon Musk company, Tesla. The logo of this website and other things were created under the name of Elon Musk in such a way that anyone can be deceived. So, I sent them 10 Bitcoins, worth about $5,68,000. Later I found out that this Twitter account was fake.

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