Only buy a bitcoin if you are richer than Elon Musk, Bill Gates

Web Desk. Unless you are the richest person in the world, you should avoid buying digital currency bitcoins. That’s the message from Bill Gates, the world’s third-richest man and founder of Microsoft, in an interview. In one year, the value of the bitcoin has risen by more than 400 percent to $58 thousand but has now fallen to $45 thousand. Despite this, the world has seen an increase in the interest of people in this digital currency.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space Access, invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin through his company and said soon the bitcoin would be accepted for payments. However, Bill Gates says that this currency is not an investment that ordinary people should make. On the other hand, it is also harmful to the environment. Because it requires a lot of energy.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Bill Gates said, “Elon” has a lot of money, and he’s very smart, so I don’t care if the value of his bitcoins goes up and down. Earlier in February, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bill Gates was asked what kind of technology there is in the world without which people can survive, and his answer was cryptocurrency.

Bill Gates said I don’t have that currency, and my point of view is completely neutral. He added that bitcoins can go up and down because it depends on people’s views on the currency. I can’t predict how it will progress in the future. He said that the way cryptocurrency works in today’s world provides an opportunity for certain criminal activities, It is better to get rid of it.

(In February, Bill Gates gave interviews to Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, as well as CNBC.)  How to balance cholesterol?

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