People’s bodies have been saved by scientists to be resurrected after their death? Amazing details

Web Desk. From the beginning, human has been searching for longevity, but so far he has not been able to deny death. Now human has started such a work for the fulfillment of his desire, that many people will be shocked to hear.

According to a Daily Star report, the idea is not old, that there will come a time when science will be so advanced that it will be able to revive preserved corpses.

So some people have started saving their bodies in the hope that this theory will come true, including baseball players to developers of the digital currency bitcoins. These people have offered themselves to save their bodies.

They wish thousands of years later, but someday science will resurrect them, and then they will become immortal. According to this news report, this process is called ”Cryonics”. The body is kept at a temperature of minus 196 degrees Celsius. So that its muscles, tissues, and cells are safe and do not rot over time.

Professor with the UK’s Cryonics and Cryopreservation Research Network Joao Pedro de Magalhaes Said, Today we will preserve these bodies, and if they could be revived a thousand years from now, it would be a great achievement, it will be a great success.

Professor Joao Pedro that the body can survive for thousands of years in liquid nitrogen. When someone’s body is ”cryopreserved”, the time has no effect on that body. It is as if when this corpse is resurrected a thousand years later, it will be in the same condition and age in which it will be “cryopreserved” today.

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