Phone cargo fire, airline bans Vivo: Watch the video

Web Desk. Hong Kong Air Cargo has banned Vivo due to a fire in tech giant Vivo’s mobile phone cargo. Looking at the video/pictures of the fire in Vivo’s luggage at the Hong Kong airport, it is clear that the fire had engulfed all the luggage which was burnt to ashes.

According to The Standard, the cargo that caught fire was carrying ‘Vivo Y20’ smartphones and was to be flown to Bangkok via Hong Kong Air Cargo, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Airlines.

However, before the mobile phones locked in the 3 cargo boxes were loaded, a sudden fire broke out in them, shortly after which their videos started circulating on social media.

It took more than 40 minutes for airport staff to put out the blaze, while other work at the airport continued as usual. Vivo’s mobile phones are made in Guangdong Province, but the brand has recently turned to foreign markets and is now making phones there as well.

In the past, at least one Vivo phone fire was reported, but the company has been hit hard by the recent incident. Hong Kong Cargo has banned the carrying of Vivo’s luggage, but Vivo has not yet made a statement.

Keep in mind that the battery in smartphones is of utmost importance and it is very important to avoid the presence of possible flammable material during off-loading of mobile cargo on the ship as the battery catches fire quickly.

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