Pictures of ships floating in the air gone viral

Web Desk. Have you ever seen a ship floating on water? If not here’s a picture. In the photos posted on the internet in the UK last week, a ship appears to be floating in the air several feet above sea level. This scene took the viewers by surprise.

These are actually eye-catching photos taken by ”David Morris” near Falmouth in the Cornwall area. According to BBC meteorologist, ”David Bryan” that such a unique sight is the result of curved light in such a special environment.

The term Superior Mirage is used for such eye-catching images when the air in the front line of sight is much cooler than above. He said such views are common in the Arctic but are rare in the UK during the winter.

Photographer David Morris said, he was stunned after the photo was taken. “Superior mirages occur when the air near the sea level is cooler than the air above”. There is more to the competition, as a result of the wind that blows towards the eyes of the person standing on the beach or on the ground is bent and the visible object looks changed.

According to him, in such scenes, various images are preserved in the eye of the camera. In these images, the ship is seen flying above the seawater, while many times the object is seen from another angle. Another example of this is that an object lying in the water can be seen in a different place from its original place by those who see it from the outside. 

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