Plastic particles cause dangerous physical pollution

Most of us when thinking about pollution, plastic waste comes to our mind but now there is evidence of the dangers of plastic waste and its human health. Guess how plastic is contaminating me and your body by assuming that each of us is inserting a million particles of plastic into our body throughout the year. Which is a very disturbing situation.

Fine particles of plastic are everywhere around us. They are created by breaking plastic bottles and tearing bags, as well as the Vehicles tires, our shoes, etc, which get worn out and scatter in the air and on the ground. While laundry makes thousands of microplastic fibers, such as nylon, acrylic, and polyester fabrics.

Alex McGoran, a researcher at the Royal Hallway and Natural History Museum at the University of London, says that wearing a mask can increase its exposure. Spread out but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

She said, there are tiny plastic particles on the surface of the water, food, and everything we touch, and only then can we understand its effects.

In a recent study, Italian scientists found for the first time that microplastics were found in the mother’s womb in the food and oxygen supply to the baby, which can affect the baby’s growth.

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