PML-N and PPP are hiding bank accounts, reveals in Election Commission

Web Desk. The Election Commission of Pakistan has found that the two major opposition parties, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, and the Pakistan People’s Party, are keeping their bank accounts undeclared.

According to Dawn newspaper report, informed sources said that this revelation was made during the hearing of foreign funding cases against PML-N and PPP in the ECP scrutiny committee.

According to the details received by the scrutiny committee with the help of the State Bank of Pakistan, PML-N hid 12 bank accounts while PPP hid 7 bank accounts.

In this regard, when PML-N lawyer Jahangir Jadoon was contacted, he said, that the committee has been informed that all the details of bank accounts available have already been provided to them.

He also said, the committee was asked to provide details of the unannounced bank accounts it was claiming but no information was provided. He added we don’t even know where the report came from, perhaps the committee is talking about accounts that have already been closed.

During the media talk Farrukh Habib a Parliamentary Secretary for Railways said, that according to State Bank data, PML-N hid 12 bank accounts from the Election Commission and did not disclose them in ECP Form 1 where Income and sources of income have to be stated.

The PTI leader says, that the PML-N was not providing national identity cards to the seven major donors. The scrutiny committee pointed out a significant discrepancy between the amounts received and spent in the details provided in Form 1 of the opening and closing balances and the PML-N’s annual gazetted accounts.

Farrukh Habib said, that similarly, PPP hid 7 bank accounts out of which 6 are in Habib Bank Limited, and one in United Bank Limited and PPP is also not providing ID card numbers and other details of major donors. There was also a difference between the opening and closing balances.

Farrukh Habib has said that PML-N and PPP have committed a crime by hiding their accounts from the Election Commission of Pakistan while both the parties did not even have the details of the donors.

Farrukh Habib said It is the constitutional responsibility of political parties to submit these details to the Election Commission. Habib claimed that PTI was the only political party that kept its accounts accurate and provided details of its donors.

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