Possibility of introducing a paid service from Twitter

Web Desk. The social networking site Twitter is considering introducing a paid subscription service, Twitter Blue. This was revealed by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who unveiled the latest features of various apps.

“She shared a screenshot of the new service, saying it would cost $2.99 a month to become a member.”


The service will have various features such as the ability to save and organize tweets in the collection, which is a new form of Twitter’s bookmark feature. Twitter Blue will also have an UndoTweet button, which will be similar to Undo the Gmail email sending process.

That is, the tweet can be undone within a few seconds or minutes. Twitter hinted at introducing a premium service a few months ago and in January 2021 the company also bought a newsletter company Revue.

This service allows users to write and publish subscription emails. In early May, Twitter bought Scroll, another company that removes ads on news sites. The two companies are still operating independently, but Jane Manchun Wong hinted that the company could add these services to Twitter Blue.

She said that Twitter is also working on various subscription pricing models, one of which will have more features than the other. Alternative sources of revenue are being explored by Twitter as its main source of revenue is advertising.

In early May, Apple introduced an update for iPhones and iPads, enabling a featured app, Tracking Transparency. This feature requires apps to obtain permission to use users’ online activities for advertising.

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