Preparation of a COVID-19 vaccine that can be given in tablet

Work is underway to develop a vaccine to prevent the coronavirus that will not require injection as it can be delivered into the body in pill form. The first phase of trials of the vaccine on humans by a company called Oravax will begin this year.

The company expects the clinical trial to begin in June. Vaccines administered orally are considered part of the second-generation vaccines. It will be more widely manufactured and easier to distribute and use.

There is no guarantee that the vaccine will be successful after the trial, and even if it does, it will take up to a year for approval. According to a statement issued by the company, people will be able to use such vaccines at home.

The statement also added that the vaccine could be shipped from one country to another in a refrigerated container. While it will be possible to store at room temperature, which will make it easier to supply anywhere in the world.

Professor of Medicine at East Angela University Paul Hunter said we need to do more research to prove that the oral vaccine is effective. He added that such a vaccine could be important for those who are afraid of injection needles and that their speed will make the campaign easier.

He says that such a vaccine would be able to provide other benefits than vaccines injected in the arm. Vaccines that are injected are usually the best way to prevent serious illness, but often they are not the best way to prevent getting sick.

He states, the disease usually affects the nose and throat, while vaccines focus on preventing the disease in different parts of the body. The results of this oral vaccine on animals have not yet been published.

However, the company has described them as encouraging, but the results on humans remain the same, it is not yet possible to say. A common habit that increases the risk of liver disease and diabetes 

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