Recent research has shown such benefits of Cockroach milk

Web Desk Indian medical scientists have discovered the benefits of cockroach milk that people will knowingly forget about cow and buffalo milk.

According to the India Times, scientists at the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bangalore, India, have found in their research that the yellow milk produced by female cockroaches is more nutritious and nutritious than cow’s and buffalo’s milk. It is full of ingredients.

Leonardo Chivas, head of the research team, said: cockroach milk contains adequate amounts of protein, essential amino acids, proteins, and sugars, which are essential for meeting the nutritional needs of human beings.

They are known to be ‘superfoods’ in the future because of their usefulness. This research of Indian scientists is being ridiculed on social media. One user wrote, “I don’t know what cockroach milk is like, but honestly, even if it made me immortal, I still wouldn’t drink it.

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