Reporter and cameraman robbed while doing live coverage

Web Desk. Quito, Ecuador, A reporter and cameraman for a private TV channel was robbed while covering a sports event. According to the news report, private TV reporter “Diego Ordinola” has uploaded footage of the incident on the social networking site “Twitter”, which has been viewed by more than half a million people so far.

In this thirty-eight seconds footage, it can be seen that the reporter is recording a “beeper” regarding the coverage of the event, during that a person appears with a revolver. He is wearing a cap on his head and a mask over his face, and at gunpoint, he demands a mobile phone and other valuables from the cameraman.

The accused, meanwhile, approached the reporter and slapped his mic, after which he snatched the cameraman’s valuables and runaway.  When an iPhone app caught his wife’s killer

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