Research: Dengue patients have a higher risk of COVID symptoms

People who have had Dengue in the past are twice as likely to develop Covid symptoms when they are infected with the Coronavirus. This was revealed in a medical study in Brazil and the results of the study were published in the medical journal, Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

The study, from the University of São Paulo’s Biomedical Sciences Institute, analyzed blood samples from 1,285 people in a town in the Amazon region of Brazil.

Research has shown that people who have been infected with Dengue have a much higher risk of developing serious illness than Covid-19.

According to research, on the one hand, the prevention of Dengue has been affected as a result of Covid-19, on the other hand, the risk of contracting Dengue has also increased.

The research team has been working to prevent Malaria in the region for a long time and in 2018 they started a project to survey the town’s population every month.

However, after the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it was turned to Covid-19. The researchers said that a September 2020 study found that areas where Dengue cases have been reported more often had no more than Covid-19 effects.

The researcher said, since we had collected blood samples from residents of the region before and after the first wave of the Coronavirus, we decided to test them for the idea that Dengue had occurred in the past. People who are exposed to the virus are protected to some extent by Covid, but the results are quite the opposite.

The blood samples analyzed in the study were collected in November 2019 and November 2020 and the antibodies in them were tested against all types of Dengue and Coronavirus.

The results showed that 37% of people had been infected with Dengue before November 2019, while 35% had been infected with Corona before November 2020.

According to the researchers, we concluded from statistical analysis that being infected with the Dengue virus in the past does not reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

He said that in fact, research has shown that people who have been exposed to Dengue are more likely to develop symptoms than others when they are infected with Corona.

The study did not specify the cause, but researchers believe there may be different reasons, such as antibodies working against the Dengue virus being much more active than Coronavirus.

The researchers said that the results indicate the importance of social distance in order to prevent the spread of Corona, as well as measures to prevent Dengue.

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