Scientists warn white bread and pasta enthusiasts, new research reveals major damage

Web Desk. White bread, refined cereals, and pasta enthusiasts have been told bad news by scientists in a new study. According to Mail Online, scientists have found in the results of a new study that eating too much white bread, refined cereals and pasta increases the risk of heart disease. Such people are more likely to have a heart attack and stroke than others.

Scientists at McMaster University in Canada conducted experiments on 137,000 people during the study. The study found that people who ate more white bread and pasta were more likely to develop high blood pressure.

The study did not find any harm to white rice, although white rice is also considered ‘Refined Grain’. In addition, all products that fall into the category of refined cereals or greens have been found to be extremely harmful to the heart and circulatory health. 

Eating too much Rice can cause a heart attack

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