Selfie obsession: Seven people drowned while taking a selfie on a boat in Indonesia

Web Desk. Seven people drowned while trying to take a selfie on a boat in Indochina. The French news agency AFP quoted police as saying that tourists aboard a boat on the island of Java drowned while trying to take a selfie, killing seven people.

Central Java police chief Ahmad Lutfi said the accident happened when all 20 people on board were on one side of the boat for a group selfie. He told reporters that the boat sank due to overcrowding.

He said 20 people tried to take a selfie on one side, which upset the balance of the boat. Police say 11 people were rescued but seven died. The search for the two drownings is still ongoing.

“Authorities say they are examining whether the boatmen committed atrocities. According to Ahmad Lutfi, the boat was being driven by a 13-year-old boy.”

Boat accidents are common in Indonesia, which has more than 17,000 islands and poor security. Thirty fishermen drowned after a fishing boat collided in Java in April. Rescuers recovered the bodies of 17 fishermen, but 13 are still unaccounted for.

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