Should Trump be allowed to use Facebook or not?

Web Desk. The board of trustees of the social networking site Facebook will make a final decision on banning former US President Donald Trump from using the platform.

According to AFP, The board said in a statement on Monday that the final decision would be made on Wednesday at 1 pm GMT. Former President Trump was blamed for the January 6 attacks on the US Congress.

Donald Trump, as president, used social media platforms to incite his supporters to attack, after which Twitter and Facebook blocked Trump’s accounts.

The majority welcomed Trump’s decision, while some political leaders and analysts expressed concern over the unilateral decision on social media platforms.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has expressed concern over the closure of the former president’s social media accounts, saying that freedom of expression should not be determined by the heads of online platforms.

“Facebook and Twitter have said that Donald Trump has been banned for violating the rules and regulations of these platforms.”

Facebook has handed over the responsibility of reviewing the ban on the former president to an independent supervisory board. The Board of Supervisors makes the final decision on who should be allowed to use Facebook and who should be removed from the platform.

Since the attacks on the US Congress, Donald Trump has had no access to social media platforms at all. Trump used social media recklessly while in office. Government ignores corona outbreak warning: Indian Scientist

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