Simple habits that help to reduce the risk of Cancer

Cancer is becoming the fastest growing disease in the world, resulting in 10 million deaths in 2020. But it is very easy to avoid, just adopting a good lifestyle for heart health can protect against heart disease as well as cancer.

This was disclosed in a new medical study conducted in the United States. The study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and other agencies found that factors that increase the risk of heart disease can also lead to cancer.

The Research has shown that a healthy diet and other medical issues such as controlling blood pressure and diabetes reduce the risk of heart illness as well as cancer. The study included more than 20,000 people and initially, none of them had cancer.

Over a 15-year period, 2,548 people were diagnosed with cancer, and researchers discovered that traditional factors that cause heart diseases, such as age, gender, and smoking, are also linked to cancer. They also discovered that high levels of natriuretic peptides, which indicate stress on the heart, could also indicate a serious risk of cancer.

People with higher natriuretic peptides in the study had a 40% increased risk of cancer. In contrast, heart-healthy habits such as controlling hypertension, cholesterol, blood sugar, and body weight, and eating a healthy diet also reduce the risk of cancer.

The researchers said, There is no direct link between coronary heart disease and cancer, but our habits or behaviors are the factors that affect it”. The study found a link between chronic inflammation and cancer in the body as a result of obesity and smoking.

Smoking and obesity are also elements that increase the risk of heart disease, and research has shown that they can increase the risk of cancer or the spread of cancerous cells.

The researchers said, excessive consumption of healthy food such as fruits and vegetables is beneficial for heart health, which is rich in anti-inflammatory ingredients along with lowering cholesterol levels.

They added that when the inflammation is too high in the body, it begins to lose its ability to fight diseases, including cancer. The study also establishes that people with heart disease may have the worst results if they develop cancer.

Researchers have suggested a balanced diet, regular physical activity and enough sleep reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases. Researchers said, “our habits today can play a significant role in later life”.

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