Six European countries, including Spain, have supported the Corona Certificate to revive tourism

Web Desk. Several countries, including Spain, have signed a joint document in favor of the coronavirus medical certificate. If this document is complied with, the status of the Corona Certificate will be considered as a passport. The move is aimed at opening the door to other countries in the tourism sector and re-establishing the tourism sector.

The leaders of the EU member states discussed the issue in a video conference. The conference also reviewed measures for free movement within the European Union. The tourism ministers of Spain, Greece, Malta, Austria, Bulgaria, and Slovakia signed the document.

Legislation on green digital passes will be proposed in the EU. So that citizens can travel freely within the EU and other countries. After the third wave of Covid-19 in Greece and Spain, security passports were being demanded by travelers to mobilize tourism. However, a unanimous decision has not yet been made, as several countries have opposed the move.

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