Smart shoes that protect blind people from obstacles

Web Desk. Scientists have developed smart shoes that help and protect Blind and partially blind people from numerous roadblocks. According to the Daily Mail, the shoes published by the Austrian company Tec-Innovation in collaboration with the Graz University of Technology are called (TU Graz).

“These shoes are fitted with some special modern equipment.”

Ultrasonic sensor
Each shoe has an ultrasonic sensor in front of it that detects obstacles. As the wearer wears them closer to an obstacle, the vibration of the shoe increases.

Commenting on the launch of this innovative type of shoe, Tech Innovation founder Markus Raffer, who also suffers from visual impairment, said: “The ultrasound sensors on the shoe detect obstacles up to four meters. Then they warn the wearer through vibration or sound.

“He said, they do a great job, which is really helpful for us.”

Tech Innovation is currently working on adding an artificial intelligence camera to the shoe so that the camera’s images can identify and distinguish objects while locating barriers and making them safe to walk.

Obstruction type identification
Scientists are working to integrate camera-based identification systems and machine learning. Collaboration through a type of artificial intelligence (AI). In this way, the belt explores more about the images captured by the camera and the obstruction as the wearer walks around.

Scientists say the system provides two basic pieces of information to avoid obstacles. That is, the nature of the obstacle and the direction of its direction, especially if the direction is down, such as holes or stairs, etc.

According to Frederick Freundorfer of the University of Touareg, “We have developed learning algorithms consisting of neural networks that can do two important things after discovering and interpreting the content of the image.”

“He added, it’s not just a warning that I’m facing an obstacle, but I’m aware of the obstacle, be it a wall, a car ladder, or something else.”

The price of smart shoes
An individual shoe costs around $3813 and includes the USB charges.

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