Smart Super Face Mask USD 300 equipped with fans and Bluetooth

Web Desk. After the Corona epidemic that began in China in December 2019, where there was a shortage of ventilators around the world in early 2020, even modest face masks became rare.

Later, in early 2020, car, aircraft, computer, and mobile phone companies were also busy making ventilators and face masks. While the importance of face masks increased after the Corona epidemic, the world’s leading companies and brands also introduced the most elegant, smart, and expensive face masks.

However, other technology companies, including LG, have already introduced smart face masks, which not only have LED lights but also run on charging.

Now American rapper William Adams, better known by his stage name, has teamed up with US company Honeywell and Hollywood science fiction characters Spider-Man and Batman costume designer Jose Fernandez to introduce a unique face mask.


Yes, William Adams teamed up with Honeywell and Jose Fernandez to introduce a Smart Facemask called ‘Super Mask’. The special feature of this ‘super mask’ is that it has three fans and digital filters that help in purifying the air for breathing.

Where the Super Mask has fans, it also has Bluetooth, headphones, and a microphone, and all of the features of the FaceMask are battery-powered.

The battery of ‘Super Mask’ works for 7 hours and the filters that purify the air in it can be replaced after 30 days. The ‘Super Mask’ is priced at 300 USD and is initially offered for online sale only.

A discount sale has also been introduced in the United States for offering the ‘Super Mask’ and up to 80 USD discount can be obtained by purchasing it from the company’s website.

After the introduction of ‘Super Mask’, it has been widely discussed on American social media and many people are also making humorous comments on it.


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