Some people protected from the COVID-19 have been shown to be strongly resistant to this deadliest virus

Some people who are not infected with the new coronavirus, but whose immune system provides a surprisingly strong defense against the bacterium, are less likely to have high levels of COVID-19.

This is according to one health study

In the study, published in a well-known magazine some people protected from the COVID-19 have been shown to be strong resistant against the virus.

T Cells

T cells are part of the immune system and help to protect the body from diseases. The activation of T cells indicates that the immune system has had previous experience fighting such a disease and is using this experience to fight a new disease.
But the researcher was puzzled by the question of how such dynamic T cells were formed in the people involved in the research. He had never experienced or tested COVID-19 before. He thinks this may be due to the fact that his T cells have been used in the past against the common coronavirus or a similar disease like COVID-19.

In the language of medicine, this process is called cross-reactivity. The study also analyzed blood samples from 18 patients with  COVID-19. Their ages ranged from 20 to 81 and the rest of the healthy people ranging in age from 20 to 64.
The study also found these active T cells in 83% of patients with  COVID-19, but the researchers also found them in some healthy people who survived the disease. However, researchers say that little is known about the effects of these cells against COVID-19 and that more research is needed.

Other medical experts said they were not surprised by the results of the study, which also found active T cells in people who had never been infected with the coronavirus before.

He said that SARS is the 2nd human coronavirus and a total of 4 coronaviruses are common in the human race. The common cold causes 25% of cases. It is thought that almost every person in the world has been exposed to a single coronavirus, and since they all belong to the same family, a somewhat active immune system has developed.
This is not the first time such research has brought these results. Earlier, a study by medical experts at the University of California found that around 20 to 50 percent of healthy people have such T cells, but its effects and sources are still unknown.

The World is Waiting for The Best

In more than 30 countries work is ongoing to bring affected anti coronavirus vaccines in the market, and much more research is ongoing on COVID-19. 

What if an individual is infected with 2 types of the corona at the same time?



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