Spain ordered the slaughter of 1,610 cattle aborad on the ship

Web Desk. Spain’s authority order the slaughter of 1,610 animals aboard the Elbeik livestock ship since the last year December. Following a similar decision a few weeks ago regarding hundreds of cattle aboard a Lebanese ship Karimullah.

According to the British news agency ‘Reuters‘, a statement issued by the Ministry of Agriculture said that these animals are no longer able to travel. They cannot be imported back into the EU, which means that these cattle will be isolated and slaughtered in the coming days.

The animals were rejected by Turkish authorities last December. In addition, 850 Spanish cattle aboard a Lebanese ship Karimullah, were suspected of being infected with the “bovine bluetongue disease”.

Failing to find a new buyer, Karimullah returned to the Spanish port of Cartagena in February and has since returned to Elbeik with cattle last week. The 179 animals died during the voyage and were thrown into the sea.

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