Tamarind (Imli) Ki Chutney Recipe


Tamarind Chutney is also known as Imli ki chutney in the Indian subcontinent. Tamarind chutney has the perfect balance of chutney is a sweet and spiced flavor served with Pakistani and Indian chaat and snacks, like Samosa and Pakora/Pakoda. This sweet Tamarind chutney is very easy to make, I will explain you step by step on this page and in the video.



⦿ 1/2 cup of seedless tamarind
⦿ 1/2 cup of sugar
⦿ 1/2 liter water
⦿ 1 pinch of food color
⦿ 1 tsp of chili flakes
⦿ 1 tsp of cornstarch
⦿ 1/2 tsp of salt
⦿ 4 tsp of water




➊ Soak the Tamarind in water for an half hour.
➋ Add half a liter of water to the pan and add in tamarind.
➌ Stir and let it cook on low flame for 10 minutes.
➍ Now drain the tamarind pulp and let the water cool.
➎ In a small bowl, add cornstarch and 4 tsp of water and mix well.
➏ Add the tamarind water to a pan, add in sugar, chili flakes, salt, food color and mix well.
➐ When tamarind water starts boiling add in cornstarch mixture.
➑ Cook it till the consistency thickens.
➒ Let the tamarind cool. Use as and when required.

Ⓐ Add all the ingredients you need and Tamarind (Imli) weight.
Ⓑ When and how to add all these ingredients, please watch the full video for it.



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