The British spy agency MI5 is now on Instagram

Web Desk. MI5, the UK’s top intelligence agency, is set to open its official Instagram account on Thursday, which is being hailed as a major step by the long-secret agency.

The French news agency AFP quoted the British Press Association as saying that the security service would create an account called @mi5official and use the account to dispel assumptions and it will reveal archived documents never seen before.

According to the Press Association, “MI5 intends to launch a series of online Q&A with intelligence officers and seeks career opportunities in the organization through this social platform.”

The move follows a statement from Ken McCallum, the new Director General of MI5, who called on the top-secret agency to talk openly about itself and take it to new heights.

Speaking to the media in October after taking office in late April last year, he said: “A lot of us want to be out of sight, but we don’t need that.” In fact, self-expression is the key to future success.

The 2018 parliamentary committee report criticized the country’s spy agency for failing to represent modern Britain and for failing to appoint women and members of the minority community to senior positions.

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