The case has been registered against Pigeon at the request of the Indian Border Security Force

Web Desk. The case has been registered against a “suspected pigeon” caught near the Pakistani border by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF).

The BSF had requested the SHO of Kahagarh police station in Amritsar to register a case against the pigeon, which had a Pakistani telephone number attached to its leg.

According to India Today, a black and white pigeon was caught on April 17 while sitting on the shoulder of Constable Neeraj Kumar, who was on guard duty at a check post 500 meters from the border.

The report also showed a copy of the petition which said that “Neeraj Kumar immediately caught the pigeon and informed the post commander Ompal Singh”. When the commander searched the pigeon, he found a number written on a slip of paper beginning with 0302.

The petition said that the number was tied with tape on the left leg of the pigeon. Later, the Border Security Force handed over the pigeon to the police and requested them to register a case.

According to the Indian Express report, Senior Superintendent of Police Dhruv Dahiya says he did not think a case could be registered against the pigeon, as it is a bird. He also added, “we have referred the matter to our legal experts for a legal assessment, while the mobile number is also being reviewed”.

Due to the strained relations between Pakistan and India, goods and animals crossing the border are seized by the Indian administration on suspicion of espionage.

Earlier on March 10, it was reported that the administration in occupied Jammu and Kashmir had seized a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane-shaped balloon.

Initially, the villagers pointed it out and informed the police, after which the administration seized the balloon and launched an investigation.

In May 2020, the Indian Border Security Force (BSF) declare to have captured another ‘Pakistani spy pigeon’ and handed it over to the police in Occupied Kashmir.

The Pakistani villager later said the pigeon belonged to him and denied allegations that it was used for espionage or terrorism. In 2015, the Indian Army had caught a pigeon in the Pathankot area on the Pak-India border, which was also declared a Pakistani spy.

As per the police, the slip near the pigeon had written in Urdu, “Modi, we are no longer the people of 1971, now every child is ready to fight India.” An official was later quoted as saying that the “pigeon feathers were cut off by the police so that they could not return to Pakistan”.

In 2017, after several hours of hard work, Indian police caught a pigeon with the tag ‘5547 Janbaz Khan’, along with a phone number. However, due to the negligence of the police, the spy pigeon, which had ‘infiltrated’ India from the opposite side of the border, was able to fly again.

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