The citizen’s fingerprint finger was cut off, but how many days did he keep opening his phone with the severed finger?

Web Desk. You will be amazed to hear, in Spain, a man’s index finger was cut off in an accident, and for how many days did that person keep ‘unlocking’ his phone with the cut of a finger?.

According to Mail Online, the man’s name is Kieran Higgins who works in a factory. An accident occurred while working on a machine in the factory in which one of his index fingers was cut off.

Kieran had her fingerprint lock on her Samsung phone with the same finger. After cutting off his finger, he saved the cut finger in alcohol and kept unlocking his phone with it for the next two weeks.

He said my severed finger was so badly damaged that doctors were unable to attach it to my body, After which I decided to keep my finger safe. Man who lived alone on a deserted Island for 32 consecutive years eventually had to leave the Island

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