The collision of 2 Planes in the air stunned everyone

Web Desk. Imagine what would happen if two planes collided in the air. One such incident took place in the United States and the result that came out of it stunned the people.

On May 12, two small planes crashed into the air and one of them split into two pieces in the middle. A single-engine plane and a large twin-turboprop plane with 19 passengers on board collided near Cherry Creek State Park in the United States.

After the collision, the pilot of the large plane contacted the air traffic control and requested a landing and apparently was unaware of the collision. The pilot told Air Traffic Control, “It looks like an engine has failed, so we have to land.”

The other plane had an airframe parachute system, which released a parachute after the collision and helped the plane crash in a controlled manner. The system worked miraculously and the plane landed safely.

The other plane landed at a small airport in Denver and then it was discovered that it had split into about two pieces. “But surprisingly, not a single person was injured in the crash.”

According to officials, this was a really shocking incident because if high-speed passengers collide with each other, it is not possible to avoid.

The incident is now being investigated to find out how the two came so close to each other. Earlier, a similar incident took place in the United States in May 2019, as a result of which 6 people were killed and several were seriously injured.

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