The Coronavirus can live up to 3 days in clothing, research says

Scientists have discovered that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can live for up to 3 days in commonly used clothing. This has been revealed in a study conducted in the UK.

A study by De Montfort University examined the presence of Coronavirus on polyester, polycotton, and 100% cotton. The results suggest that polyester has the highest risk of having the virus present for several days. The researchers said materials commonly used to make clothing can increase the risk of virus transmission.

During the study, the virus particles in the clothing were examined, and then it was seen how stable the virus is on each material for 72 hours. The results showed that the polyester surface of the virus was still present after 3 days and its ability to transmit to other items was also maintained. In contrast, in 100% cotton, the virus survived for 24 hours, while in polycotton it survived for only 6 hours.

Researchers say that when the Coronavirus epidemic began, we knew very little about how long the Coronavirus could survive on clothing. Research had shown that the three most common materials used to make clothing could pose a risk of transmitting the virus to medical personnel.

They added that these materials are commonly used for medical personnel uniforms and can be transmitted from clothing to other items. The study also looked at how the virus can be removed from pure cotton. Usually, water removes the virus from washing machines. But that didn’t happen when researchers applied artificial saliva to clothing that contained the virus.

In such cases, detergent and a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius can completely eliminate the virus. However, washing clothes does not spread the virus to other clothing. But researchers say it’s best for medical staff to wash clothes at the medical center instead of at home.

The results of the study have not yet been published in a medical journal, but have been published on the De Montfort University Leicester Website.

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