The COVID-19 patient, who has been in the ICU for four months, was taken to visit the Sea on the hospital bed

Web Desk. Spain, a patient suffering from coronavirus, who has been undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit ICU for four months, was visiting the Sea on the hospital bed and also provided first time sunlight in the past four months.

According to international news agency Reuters, the 63-year-old patient’s name is Joan Soler Sendra, who is being treated at Delmar Hospital in Barcelona and has been in the ICU for 114 days.

The patient had been infected with the coronavirus in November last year. His wife and two brothers also infected with the virus, but only Sendra’s symptoms worsened, and he had to be hospitalized.

After four months of treatment, Sendra breathed her last for the first time last week and did not need artificial ventilation. He is Corona’s longest-serving patient at the hospital, whose condition has now improved. So the hospital staff removed his bed from the hospital building yesterday and took him to the beach.

Deputy head of the intensive care Dr. Andrea Castellvi said Sendra is our longest-serving patient and he saw the sun and his family first time in the past four months.

Dr. Andrea Castellvi also added, as Sandra’s family was happy to see him, we are also happy that Sendra’s condition has finally improved. Although he will still have to spend many days in the hospital, his condition is now out of danger.


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