The easy way to keep your liver healthy

Fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects the function of this organ and affects about 25% of the world’s population. Excess fat is one of the leading causes of fatal liver disease. However, it is very easy to avoid and for this, you have to make exercise a part of your daily life.

This was discovered in a medical study in Japan. Research from the University of Tsukuba has shown that exercise not only reduces body weight but also benefits the liver. Among the factors that increase the risk of NAFLD are overeating and a sedentary lifestyle.

Losing weight is important to prevent liver disease. Achieving a fixed body weight is difficult and becomes more difficult over time. Exercise provides other health benefits along with weight loss, but regarding this, the mechanism is not entirely clear.

The study looked at data from obese NAFLD patients who had been part of an exercise program for three months and compared it with those who adopted a dietary strategy for weight loss.

Research has shown that exercise improves muscle volume and reduces body and fat. Ultrasound revealed that those who exercised had an additional 9.5% reduction in liver fat.

Similarly, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant stress were activated in the exercise group. Researchers say that research shows that exercise prevents fat buildup and fibrous tissue accumulation in the liver while improving muscle volume.

Researchers added that moderate to strenuous exercise can reduce the risk of liver disease as well as protect patients from serious risks, whether they lose weight or not.

Foods that help to prevent the most common liver disease

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