The female dentist who broke up the marriages of her patients but how?

Web Desk, A dentist in Brazil, has ruined the lives of hundreds of his patients in order to make more money. According to the Daily Star, the dentist, who lives in the Brazilian region of Campos Dos Goytacazes, was named Giselle de Souza Gome. Who used a cheap and extremely substandard “filler” to fill patients’ teeth.

Dr. Giselle’s actions left hundreds of his patients stunned. Most of them lost their jobs due to disfigurement and most of their marriages broke down. And after enduring everything, they became severely depressed.

According to the police, due to the use of cheap fillers, a large number of patients of Dr. Giselle have suffered from diseases of teeth, gums, and jaws. Police have seized all the money and mobile phones belonging to Dr. Giselle. “There are many of my clients who can’t even brush their teeth because of the severe pain,” said Andrea Pease a lawyer for Dr. Gazelle’s victims.

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