The first case of a Blood Clot in the arm of a patient of Covid-19

For the first time, a case of blood clots in a person’s arm has been reported as a result of coronavirus disease. Researchers at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the United States reported the case.

Explaining the case in the Medical Journal of Viruses, experts said it would help understand the cause of Covid-19 inflammation. This will help you to understand how the risk of blood clots in the arms may increase.

The case came to light during a study of the Covid 1,000 patients at the hospital, who were treated and discharged from March to May 2020. Blood clots have been discovered before as a result of Covid, but this is the first time that an 85-year-old man has seen blood clots as a result of Covid-19 in his upper arm.

The researchers said the patient came with a complaint of swelling in his left arm, after which he was sent to the hospital for further examination, where he was diagnosed with a blood clot and Covid-19 in the upper arm, but no symptoms of the corona were seen.

He added that although the man’s blood oxygen level did not decrease, he was hospitalized with a blood clot. Blood clots usually appear in the legs and in only 10% of cases in the arms.

Experts say that in 30% of patients, blood clots from the arms travel to the lungs and are potentially fatal. Such patients suffer from other complications such as persistent swelling, pain, and fatigue of the hands.

The study suggested that medical experts should consider testing for blood clots in the veins of patients with Covid-19 who experience unexplained swelling. Similarly, patients with low blood oxygen levels, difficulty breathing, and swelling for no apparent reason should seek medical attention.

The researchers said that people who have already been diagnosed with blood clots or have a chronic illness that has an increased risk of blood clots have a higher risk of developing blood clots if they have Covid-19.

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