The historic landing of China’s mission to Mars in search of life and water

Web Desk. China’s space mission has made history by landing on the surface of Mars. With this success, China has become the second country after the United States whose mission has landed on the surface of Mars.

On May 15, the Rover of the Tiananmen 1 mission landed on Utopia Planitia, a vast expanse of Mars. The rover detached from the orbiter on the evening of May 14 to land on the surface of Mars, and 3 hours later the Lanning module detached from the orbiter and entered the Martian atmosphere.

It serves as a Land Rover platform. Solar power rover Zhurong will survey the landing site. Zhurong has six scientific instruments, including a high-resolution topography camera.



The rover will study the surface and atmosphere of Mars and search for traces of ancient life, water, and ice beneath the surface of the Red Planet. Remember that China sent its mission to Mars in July 2020 and about 7 months later it managed to enter the orbit of the Red Planet.

The five-tonne Tianwen-1 consists of 1 Mars orbiter, a lander, a solar power rover. Its orbiter will analyze Mars from orbit with the help of a high-resolution camera, a spectrometer, a magnetometer, and an ice mapping radar instrument.

The Arbiter will also keep in touch with the landing rover, which is an impressive achievement of its kind. China plans to build a space station with the crew in 2022 and gradually send a man to the moon.

Earlier, in February 2021, the persuasive rover robot landed safely on a red planet in search of traces of microbial life. The rover succeeded in producing oxygen somewhere outside the Earth, and NASA successfully flew a helicopter over Mars for the first time.

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