The image of flower gets 90 million clicks daily from India

The image of a flower gets 90 million clicks daily from India, but why? A mystery that confused everyone. Over the past few months, more than 90 million people from India have been seeing a picture of a flower on Wikimedia, much to the amazement of Wikimedia management.

He decided to investigate the matter and now the result of this investigation has come to light that you will be very surprised to hear. According to India Times, Chris Albin, director of machine learning at Wikimedia, said that when we started the research, we found that the page of this daisy flower started getting more traffic from India than on June 8 last year.

On June 8, a few hundred people came to this page. On June 9, that number rose to 2,154. The next day this number reached 15,037 and by the end of June this number had reached one and a half crore daily and this increase continued even after that. Today, about 90 million clicks a day from India are getting a picture of this flower.

Chris Albin said that when an attempt was made to find out the cause, it was revealed that these were the days when TikTok and some other Chinese applications were banned in India and an alternative to TikTok was called Josh.

The application was introduced. The link to this flower page was actually embedded in this application Josh. This link loads automatically whenever a user opens this application but the user does not see this page.

So as the Josh application became more popular, so did the traffic from India to this Wikimedia page. What should we do if we can’t sleep at night?



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