The Judge was robbed by three motorcycles thugs

Web Desk. 42 years old judge in Britain has been robbed by three young robbers and the judge has requested help on social media to catch the looters.

According to the Daily Star, the incident took place with the judge named Robert Rinder in the British capital London, where three thugs wearing full-face masks to hide their faces and snatched Robert Rinder’s mobile phone and fled.

Robert Rinder said in a tweet “The three boys were riding motorcycles”. They snatched the phone from my hand and run away. I shouted at him and they laughed and drove away on motorcycles. How can ordinary citizens be safe if this has happened to me?

(Photo Courtesy, Judge Rinder Facebook Page)

Anyone who helps me to catch these looters will be rewarded with a cash prize,” Robert Rinder tweeted on his Twitter account. “People should unite and help me find and catch these three criminals so that people can be saved from falling into their hands in the future.”

Keep in mind, Judge Rinder is not a real judge, but he does have a law background and he has to host a very famous legal matters TV show on ITV since 2014.

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